Transplantation project 

2011 - ongoing 

Thinking about inversing the processes, about far’s antonym close, about micro-macro systems, I wanted to try and create a hybrid garden. The eating action is a one-directional system: plant feed human. If the human feeds the plant, it become two-directional. And if these growing plants can feed the humans, then we might say: the loop is completed.

“Maud Lefever fuses vegetation and the human body. If we can invent a bleeding plant, we will maybe wait a bit longer before killing off the global ‘vegetation’ (and each other, as we are becoming more eatable too, after all) or at least we may remember our vampire-like and parasite-like nature in a rather funny way while cooking: instead of eating the other, we will just eat ourselves. Lefever is indeed looking for other ways to feed humanity, now water and other resources have become rare on the Planet Earth. You can’t cope with(out) nature, if you think it’s possible to look at it from a distance (as science has tried to do for a long time). Indeed, there can’t be any reflection at all, if one doesn’t go through a particular process of imagination, where elements of success and failure are confronted and another way of feel-thinking may arise from there. Yet on the other hand, it’s quite dangerous too, to be(come) more and more simulated as natural, for this can lock ourselves up into a being that is lived by simulation too...” ATTENTION SITTING IN THE 21ST CENTURY by Sofie Van Loo 

The project consists of sitespecific body-actions, a ‘relational’ food event, a mixed-media concept model & überpragmatic scenario’s.

Pictures MVRDV Pig City - Peter Stembera, Grafting